Equity release

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Popular uses for equity release

It is the ideal time to take advantage of the opportunities within the equity release market. The industry has seen low interest rates, rises in property value and an increase of interest-only mortgages set to mature with insufficient repayment plans in place. All of this equates to a market brimming with potential for every adviser in the UK.

Reasons for equity release

  • Home and garden improvement

    63% of equity release customers in 2016 used some or all of the funds released to improve their home or garden. Such improvements include upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, building conservatories and extensions, or adapting their homes and gardens to make them more manageable in retirement.

  • Treating friends or family

    Many clients may want to help their families financially while they are still around to see the benefit. This could be helping children or grandchildren onto the property ladder, helping to facilitate a business venture or supporting them through education.

  • Help with regular bills

    With increasing life expectancy and constant pressures on state pensions, equity release could help clients to supplement their retirement finances to continue their retirement in comfort and assist with everyday bills.

  • Clearing outstanding debt

    Facing retirement with outstanding debt can be a worrying prospect for clients. Equity release could be a way for your clients to release funds from their property in order to pay off any existing debt, giving them peace of mind in retirement.

  • Interest–only mortgages

    There are now rising numbers of clients with interest-only mortgages due to mature, with repayment of these proving difficult for many. Although downsizing may be an option for some, equity release can offer clients a solution to tap into the wealth tied up in their home and repay the interest-only mortgage, allowing them to remain in their family homes.

  • Going on holiday

    Many people fantasize about the holiday they’ve always dreamed of. Clients can use some or all of the funds released to make that dream a reality, and to visit children and grandchildren who have moved far away. Equity release can also be used to purchase a holiday home in the sun to make for a relaxing and tranquil retirement.

  • Helping with the cost of divorce

    Going through divorce is a stressful time for anyone without the added pressure of financial worries. The industry is seeing divorcees releasing cash from their homes to assist with fees, to adjust to their new financial situation and helping to purchase a new property.

  • Buying a new property

    Purchasing a more suitable property can be expensive. However, with a lifetime mortgage it is possible to release equity from the property they want to move into to be able to afford their new home.

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