Estate planning

Arranging a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney without the guidance and advice of a professional can be both overwhelming and complicated for clients. With permission from the introducer, we are able recommend our experienced estate planners.

Dispelling the myths

  • My family would know what to do

    Without nominating a Lasting Power of Attorney, nobody has the legal right to make your client’s decisions for them, which could cause family disputes. If your client has specific people nominated to make these decisions, this could take the pressure off loved ones during an already difficult time.

  • My children would be looked after by those I trust if the worst were to happen

    If your client doesn't have a Will, their children could be placed into care or into the care of family members who your client may not want looking after their children. However, with a Will, your clients can clearly stipulate who they would want to care for their children if the worst were to happen.

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