Our purpose

Key Partnerships was formed in 2005 to offer intermediaries a combination of specialist expertise in the equity release market and access to a whole-of-market service.

We want to be much more than ‘just’ a referral partner. Our greater purpose and reason for getting out of bed every morning is to try to inspire our partners to be as passionate about helping homeowners to leverage their financial wealth as we are. We’re committed to going the extra mile to achieve this by offering all the support, guidance, education and inspiration our partners need to make this happen.
Key Partnerships is part of Key Group, one of the leading financial services groups for those both in and approaching their retirement. The Group was established in 1998 and it's main activities are equity release, estate planning and annuities.

We are experts in our field, ambitious, and dedicated to finding new products and areas of advice to help our customers to an even better retirement.